Aerial Photos, orthophotomaps, DTM and DSM

We offer taking aerial photos using one of the newest photogrammetric, large format cameras made by Vexcel Imaging/Microsoft from UltraCam series and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) from TRIMBLE


To process the images to "Level 3" we use the UltraMap software, therefore we obtain a very high radiometric (colour) quality of the offered images. Thus the subsequent technological processes are more efficient, reducing the costs of aerotriangulation, mosaicking of the orthophotos and final orthophotomap.


Cracow - Main Market Square. The Photo taken by UltraCam camera


Apart from the vertical photos we also take oblique aerial photos which provide additional interpretation characteristics and deparately or in combination with the vertical images enable full analysis of issues related to high-altitude objects. We offer taking oblique photos as well as vertical using a set of 5 cameras, 4 of which take the oblique photos and the fifth camera takes vertical pictures, as well as specialist UltraCam Osprey module cameras. This way we can obtain a uniform and cohesive terrain image in each view. 


Cracow - Main Market Square. The oblique photo taken by UltraCam Osprey camera


Proper aerial oblique photos enable measurament of distance, area, height of buildings located above the ground level. Together with a set of aerila photos we deliver a specialist browser for the oblique photos and we also enable publishing these photos on the client's web page for everyone who is interested to see them. We take oblique photos in the resolution from several to several dozen of centimeters for the central part of of the photo. Taking into consideration the expectional importance of the Sun elevation above the horizon, when tha oblique photos are taken, we carefully choose the time of flight, so the radiometric value of the pictures is as high as possible.


Based on the vertical and oblique aerial photos we prepare 3D City Model using the automatic (PhotoMesh) and manual (stereoscopic method).


Katowice City. 3D City model prepared automatically based on oblique photos


As part of the photogrammetric services we also provide:                                                                                                                                    


LIDAR scanning

We provide a wide range of services in laser scanning, such as:         


Point cloud RGB. Visualization in  GEOVERSE software


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