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LIDAR data publication

Together with our partner, the Spanish company Dielmo we offer comprehensive solutions which enable publishing LIDAR data online using the website service. Thanks to the efficient data processing algorithms we offer solutions which enable effective managment of the LIDAR data and making it available in a comfortable way to any user equipped with the Internet access.


Cracov City. Point cloud - density 12 pkt/m2 online for entire city area, 350 sq km.


The data in the online mode may be made available to selected users using an individual login and password. The client with the data access can perform initial data analysis, projecting them according to:



Cracov-Wawel Castle. Point cloud - density 12 pkt/m2 online, according to the classification.



The service user can in a simple way, generate a terrain profile for any place, obtain a 3D view, choose a suitable section of a point cloud and record it in a LAS file on his own local computer. 


Pilsudski's hill in Cracov. Point cloud - density 12 pkt/m2 presented online.


Thanks to the availability of a point cloud in the online mode, the user is able to independently evaluate whether the point cloud meets his requirments e.g. in the area of classification correctness and he can make a decision for potential purchase downloading data to his own computer.


3D View of Wawel Castle based on point cloud - density  12 pkt/m2 presented online


Cracov LIDAR online

We made available the Kraków city LIDAR data, acquired with a densityof 12 pkt/m2 with a total capacity of 300 GB.

The data is available on: GEOXY KRAKOW ONLINE 


Taking into consideration the character of the presented data (property of GEOXY company) it cannot be downloaded in the form of a LAS file or stored on the user's external computer.


Functionality of downloading the data is a basic option in the LIDAR ONLINE solution and is presented in the below animation.



If you are interested in online presentation of your own LIDAR data, contact us at the following address:

You can use this adress to send all technical inquiries to the offered service.