Consulting services

The GEOXY company comprises of employess possessing extensive knowledge and experience obtained during the year of their professional work in geodesy, photogrammetry and activities related to the spatial data.

These qualifications enable us to offer consulting services and to support our clients on each stage of the project performance.


The consulting services offer includes:


Preparing projects in the spatial data range


Project Engineer / Supervision and Control Supervisor


Special offer in the range of the photogrammetric consulting

GEOXY employees posses huge experience in Quality Control laser scanning data (LIDAR) and orthophotomaps ("ORTO" data) in the field of public procurement. From 2010 till 2015, the employees of GEOXY participated in all "IT System of the Country's Protection against extreme hazards (ISOK) " project stages as Supervision and Quality Control Inspectors (INiK) on behalf of the Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography. During the ISOK project, as part of the INiK tasks we controlled, as a team, over 90 % of the area of Poland.


For the need of the INiK project we specially created a dedicated piece of software supporting the data control process (WKD). It is a unique soultion on the European market, that enables conducting a reliable and effective spatial data control. By providing the client with a Control Report including a "meeting requirments" status, we quarantee that the verified products meet the requirments defined in the Technical Requirments of the Order.


  • Fragment Raportu Kontroli danych LIDAR
  • Fragment Raportu Kontroli danych LIDAR
  • Okno oprogramowania WKD do zaawansowanej kontroli danych LIDAR
  • Okno oprogramowania WKD do zaawansowanej kontroli danych LIDAR
WKD software. The sample of Quality Control Report


We offer support on the project preparation stage:

and performing the project:


Civil Services clients, who are interested in getting acquainted with the entire process of acquiring, processing and controlling data from the laser LIDAR and ORTHO scanning we can offer:



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