Updaiting and verifying the data base of towns, streets and addresses register - part 4
Client: The Head Office of Land Surveying and Cartography in Warsaw
Contract signing date: 24-10-2013
Planned execution date: 30-11-2014

Aerial Photos with GSD 2,5 cm - UAV project

Taking aerial photos with GSD 2,5 cm based on UAV
Client: Katowice-Pyrzowice Airport
Contract signing date: December 2015
Planned execution date: January 2016
Project area: about 7 km2

Geoxy LPIS

LPIS 2015

Creating the DTM and orthophotomaps for OB1 area as part of the  LPIS 2015
Client: Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture.
Contract signing date: 01-06-2015
Planned execution date: 31-10-2015